Things That Happened At The Blackfriar Tavern

The Day the Norwich Kitwitches Came to Town

On a day marked by unexpected merriment and a touch of enchantment, the Norwich Kitwitches, a Molly Dancing Troupe renowned for their lively dances and spirited music, descended upon our town, turning an ordinary day into an unforgettable celebration of tradition.

The troupe visited a few venues in Great Yarmouth on their final dance out of the season including us here at the Blackfriars Tavern, an establishment celebrated far and wide for its award-winning selection of real ales and ciders. But it wasn’t just the drinks that drew the Kitwitches to Blackfriars; the tavern’s homemade pies and chips were the perfect fare to fuel their day’s endeavors. As they dined, the Kitwitches treated the tavern to an impromptu performance, their melodies weaving through the air, a prelude to the spectacle that was to come.

With bellies full and spirits high, the Kitwitches ventured outside to the car park, transforming the mundane space into a stage for their artistry. They performed seven dances, each more captivating than the last, under the open sky. Customers of the Blackfriars Tavern and passersby alike were drawn to the spectacle, forming an impromptu audience that cheered and clapped, the communal joy palpable in the air.

Then they moved on to dance in Kitty Witches Row (which was an obvious location because of the troupe’s name).

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