Independent Reviews of Blackfriars Tavern

Thanks Julian White

A great review from Julian White who visited in February 2023.

“Firstly, my apologies that I wasn’t intending to write up the day that Nathan I spent visiting all the Good Beer Guide pubs in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. This means that I didn’t burden myself with taking many photos, so my extensive readership of two will just have to use their imagination a bit more than usual. I am slowly, but very surely, visiting every pub in the Good Beer Guide which is an impossible project but that doesn’t stop me. This pub in Great Yarmouth (94 Blackfriars’ Road, NR30 3BZ) is just a little out of the way, so credit once again to the Good Beer Guide for listing this venue.

Let me start by writing up-front that this is a very good pub and I was absolutely unable to fault it. The warmth of the welcome, the engagement from who I am guessing is the landlord, the range of the beers and the inviting nature of the environment. This is going to be one of those feel good posts where just everything went well. As a pre-cursor to the below, the landlord mentioned to us that he had just written a blog post that day about the beer Nathan ordered, so for some extra context have a read of That web-site is a work of art on its own with the width of their offering being clearly evident.”

“I went for the Recessive Red from the reliable Mr Winter’s and this was a well kept quite punchy 6% red ale. There were two darker beers with Nathan going for the Starry Night Stout from Tindall Brewing and checking through his Untappd he was happy with it and its smoothness. He probably told me at the time, but I doubt I was listening. We were on one of our random days out with occasional shots (it’s a long story, but we should probably be supervised by a responsible adult if I’m being honest), which is why there’s a delicious shot sitting next to my real ale. I don’t actually want to focus on the beer choice for too long, but it was excellent for a venue of this size with five real ales and an extensive Belgian beer selection. And the pub wasn’t just offering beers, the landlord was positively enthusing about them. This is a landlord that cares about his beer.

The reason that I don’t want to linger on the beer is that this wasn’t the highlight of the visit, and in many ways, it shouldn’t be. The star of the show was the friendly landlord, engaging and welcoming. He also didn’t demur about our random shot and just slightly odd behaviour, he positively embraced it and so no criticisms there. There were plenty of board games and Nathan rushed over with chess as he’s from a chess winning family. Privately I suspect that’s as he didn’t want to play monopoly for four hours which is what I would have ended up doing. Although he quite rightly mentioned that it would have been no hardship staying here for several hours. Incidentally, he won at chess, but I like letting him win as it cheers him up.

There’s also a very decent refurbishment that has gone on here, it’s traditional but yet on-trend which is a hard thing to achieve. There’s nothing formulaic about this pub, it’s laid-back, it’s slightly quirky and it does the welcoming thing well. I’ve mentioned before that one of the key measures of a pub is that someone coming in on their own, perhaps new to the area, feels like it’s a venue they’re part of and a community to which they feel they can join. I absolutely got that feeling here, this is absolutely right to be in the Good Beer Guide, it’s glorious. Anyone coming to Great Yarmouth who likes pubs should pop in and linger here for some time.”

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Great review of The Blackfrairs Tavern!

“and breathe a sigh of relief that my last county tick is a corker.”

“the cask was secondary to the joy created by landlord and locals, welcoming taxi drivers and port workers…”

“I felt part of the pub.”


Another Perfect Pint at The Blackfriars Tavern Great Yarmouth

Take a look at Martin’s lovely review from back in April, which we just spotted on the interwebs.

Since then, we have progressed to 8 ales on as well as 14 ciders, and we a just pausing (closed to public) until August 4th, to enable us to extend our offer.

The full text of the blog post is below:

Is it a wedge pub ? I’ve no idea. I hardly noticed that shape till I just looked at these photos from last Tuesday.

Great Yarmouth (or “Great” to locals) is where I finished Norfolk’s GBG entries for 2022. Will it be a final time ?

A first overnighter in the campervan this year, saving me the £120 it costs in the Imperial with FREE (0) parking along the South Pier. Which looks best in black and white, I can tell you.

You even get the best view of this art installation called “Norfolk”.

More attractive art installations awaited on the short walk to the Blackfriars Tavern. This one is called “3rd best town walls in UK after Chester and York”, apparently.

My pub is well sign-posted.

Oh, perhaps that pile of old cars was the Banksy. Has he changed his style ? Or is that a sign to where you get your cash out in Yarmouth ?

GY doesn’t have a lot of Guide pubs, but a fair few of them have been dotted in these back streets between the southern docks and amusement arcades.

So how had I missed it ?

I enter to “You Can Call Me Al“, which has been playing continuously in Norfolk since 1986, and breathe a sigh of relief that my last county tick is a corker.

It’s bigger on the inside. I’m sure someone else has said that.

With a trio of regulars at the bar, I put my trendy* Gandhi jacket over the nearest chair and prepare to annoy the landlord, faced with a row of five similarly interesting looking pump clips.

What beer should I have then ?”

It depends what style you like

I like beer. Choose me a beerany beer

I am such a prat in pubs like this.

Would you like a taster ?”.

NO !!! A pint’s a taster“. You know the script by now.

Anyway, something by Fat Cat,

followed by a Vanilla Stout by Mr Winters, observed by little Buddy (everyone loved Buddy),

and then something the landlord did rave about from Bull of the Woods which brought back memories of Steve Earl programmes in Bungay.

It’s a drinkers’ pub, but to be honest the cask was secondary to the joy created by landlord and locals, welcoming taxi drivers and port workers and tickers.

I had eight large doubles last night. Well, you’re not gonna have eight SMALL ones, are you ?”.

I loved the fact it served Carling and San Miguel (with slice of lemon). I loved the relentlessly upbeat ’80s soundtrack (“Wishing Well”, “Don’t Give Up”). I felt part of the pub.

But I was, of course, horrified by the art in the Gents.

I wish I’d been there for their home-made pies and 10% Imperial Stout, but after three (3) beers in an hour it’s probably best it was off.

A great way to complete any county. Shame about the big smudge over Thompson, which isn’t something you get to write every day.

But was I done with Yarmouth ? Oh no.

*Mrs RM’s word, not mine

Find us at 94 Blackfriars Road, Great Yarmouth. Postcode: NR30 3BZ. WhatThreeWords: ///hopes.spoken.richer